Service Highlights

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The Lounge Services offered by ATM are designed to improve customer satisfaction and provide a comfortable space within a airport.

Interline Baggage

Baggage handling technology has become more sophisticated in recent years as airlines have continued to keep up with demand.


As the primary service provider at the Los Angeles International Airport–the busiest on the west coast–ATM has a proven.

Baggage Handling

The ATM baggage handlers are trained to manage a variety of tasks that ensure the safety of passengers, and smooth operation of the airline.

Passenger Security

Security and safety are vital to the daily operations of an airport. Passengers are our number one priority, and providing a safe, secure travel experience.

Passenger Services

Our priority is always the passenger’s safety and security. Our clients trust us to take excellent care of their passengers, to from their departure.

Catering Security Services

ATM Catering Security Solutions always strives to be the best at what we do. We collectively believe in cultivating partnerships that work both with staff.

Our Clients