Lounge Services

The Lounge Services offered by ATM are designed to improve customer satisfaction and provide a comfortable space within an airport for passengers to relax. We pride ourselves on quality service and professionalism, taking extra care to ensure that every passenger’s needs are met. We manage everything from purchasing to financing, handled with an excellent attention to detail that creates a premium hospitality experience.


ATM is dedicated to providing a superior level of service reflecting the comfort, professionalism, and hospitality of the airlines it services.


ATM has proven lounge service expertise in both customer service delivery and product management. Our team has extensive experience in providing VIP services in both dedicated and multi-user lounge environments.


Our all-inclusive lounge services manage purchasing, stock control, quality control, contract services, janitorial services, accounting and financing.


ATM provides excellent customer service to passengers in a friendly, professional manner. We facilitate departure and arrival processes to maintain secure, punctual and safe operations on behalf of your airlines.

ATM is comprised of a management team with extensive travel and hospitality industry knowledge, with staff highly trained in customer service. Our employees take pride and ownership of their work, and we believe this a main reason for our high achievements in customer service. We treat our customers with dignity and respect because we believe in making sure our passengers received the highest levels of service. Our employees are a key asset to our success in providing the best lounge service.

If you are interested in the ATM Lounge Service or have any questions, please contact us at 310-590-1650 or info@atmlax.com. We look forward to learning more about your airline and how ATM can assist in improving the quality of your passengers’ experience.