Catering Security Services

ATM Catering Security Solutions always strives to be the best at what we do. We collectively believe in cultivating partnerships that work both with staff and our clientele, building relationships and driving the company forward. This has given us a vast knowledge of all the systems and procedures that are in place, allowing us to become a leader in the field of aviation catering security. ATM stays up to

date with the latest Transportation Security Administration (TSA) security protocol amendments and is constantly working to improve our own safety processes. Our track record in the industry speaks for itself.

ATM is responsible for checking catering carts before loading, and ensuring that they are sealed and secure. We strictly follow security protocol to make sure all food and service items that board the plane are safe for passengers and airline staff. The appointed ATM security personnel are responsible for controlling the materials, accepting them to the aircraft, its transportation of the prepared catering to the aircraft securely. Our chain of custody control is to prevent the introduction of contraband and threats to an aircraft through secure catering operations.

Our services include:

  • Screening of the authorized personnel
  • Vehicle inspection
  • Screening of the catering units
  • Positive number and safety seal id checks
  • Sealing of the trucks and trolleys
  • Reporting and action on nonsafety compliance situations

In addition, we are also able to support catering companies in adhering to security requirements, and provide consulting for security officers.


Our all-inclusive lounge services manage purchasing, stock control, quality control, contract services, janitorial services, accounting and financing.

If you are interested in the ATM Catering Security Services or have any questions, please contact us at 310-590-1650 or We look forward to learning more about your airline and how ATM can assist in improving the quality of your passengers’ experience.