Wheelchair Service

As the primary service provider at the Los Angeles International Airport–the busiest on the west coast–ATM has a proven track record of handling high volume wheelchair requests with attentive care.

With an advanced wheelchair management solution, ATM is able to respond to high volumes of wheelchair requests.

Utilizing digital systems such as Wheelchair Assistance Innovative System (WAIS), we can ensure that each request is handled promptly, diligently, ensuring a comfortable, hassle-free airport experience to all of our passengers with the appropriate staff and equipment.

We have large fleet of wheelchairs. From wheelchairs to aisle chairs a designed wheelchair available for our non-ambulatory passengers to use in reaching their seat when boarding and deplaning the aircraft. We also call these special wheelchairs “boarding chairs.”. All of our chairs are cleaned and maintained regularly to ensure our clients comfort and safety.

ATM not only uses an innovative and efficient wheelchair management system, but also places a strong emphasis on attentive customer service. Our wheelchair agents are trained carefully not only to provide great customer service, but to ensure each passenger is handled with proper care and safety.

If you are interested in the ATM Wheelchair Service or have any questions, please contact us at 310-590-1650 or info@atmlax.com. We look forward to learning more about your airline and how ATM can assist in improving the quality of your passengers’ experience.