Ramp Service

Our priority at ATM is to offer the best services available to ensure that your airline is operating safely and comfortably for passengers. We offer ramp services to ensure secure and efficient loading and unloading to your aircraft, making travel as smooth as possible. Our staff are trained to comply with airline specific policies and procedures, as well as national laws and security regulations.

Services are as follows but not limited to:

  • Certified ramp handling staff
  • Safely and efficiently unload/load aircraft
  • Safe handling of Unit Load Devices (ULD)
  • Operation of main & lower deck ULD loaders, Bell loaders, transporters, and tugs
  • Correctly load Dangerous Goods (DG) shipments in accordance to IATA regulations
  • Proficient in Nose Cargo Door operations
  • Handling of special cargo such as live animals, perishables, oversize and highly sensitive cargo

Our quick and efficient turnaround allows aircrafts to stay on schedule with minimum time spent during loading processes. Avoid delays during arrival and departure by streamlining your ramp services with the help of ATM. We implement our specialized ramp management system to keep things running smoothly and carefully. The ATM ramp security professionals are trained to follow regulations and keep passengers safe by ensuring the aircraft safe for boarding.

If you are interested in the ATM Ramp Services or have any questions, please contact us at 310-590-1650 or info@atmlax.com. We look forward to learning more about your airline and how ATM can assist in improving the quality of your passengers’ experience.